Cnoc Cruinn a’ Bhràighe Bhuide

I only chose that title because I could.  The peninsula between Loch Greshornish and Loch Snizort Beag, including Cnoc Cruinn a’ Bhràighe Bhuide, had some areas in need of further work so yesterday I had a successful walk around two tetrads with limited numbers of previous records.  I was rewarded by a nice group of a dozen Neottia cordata (Lesser Twayblade), mostly in flower, and my first flowering Dactylorhiza purpurella (Northern Marsh-orchid) of the year.

There was Spergularia rubra (Sand Spurrey) in a couple of places on the track – a typical habitat, but there are not many Skye records.

There were some very different coloured specimens of Cytisus scoparius (Broom):

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These leaf mines on Ficaria verna subsp. fertilis (Lesser Celandine) may be caused by the larva of the dipteran Phytomyza ranunculivora.

Ficaria minerHowever,  The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects says of it “On Ranunculus acris and Ranunculus repens, but not yet on Ficaria, in Britain.” We await Murdo’s verdict – I have sent him a specimen.

By the roadside there was this extraordinarily bright blue heather:

I have sent images to someone who may know what this is, but he is away at the moment, so I shall have to be patient.

At first I thought it was paint or something similar, but it is on several plants of Calluna vulgaris (Heather) and on no other plants growing under or between them, so it is something specific.


2 Responses to “Cnoc Cruinn a’ Bhràighe Bhuide”

  1. Andy Amphlett Says:

    The yellow and red broom, is probably Cytisus scoparius f. andreanus. Arthur Chater mentions it in his Flora, but it is not mentioned in Sell’s Flora.


  2. Stephen Says:

    Thanks, Andy. How about the other colour forms?

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