River Leasgeary

The River Leasgeary flows though Portree but before it gets there it turns out to have banks covered in wild flowers and other interesting plants. Yesterday, I went in search of Equisetum pratense (Shady Horsetail), recorded there in 1994.

I found E. arvense (Field Horsetail), E. fluviatile (Water Horsetail), E. palustre (Marsh Horsetail) and E. sylvaticum (Wood Horsetail) and was beginning to give up hope, but then I found more E. pratense than I had ever seen before – 2,000 shoots at a minimum.

Equisetum pratense

Equisetum pratense by the River Leasgeary

There were also large numbers of Orchis mascula (Early-purple Orchid) and Trollius europaeus (Globeflower).

Trollius europaeus

Trollius europaeus

Later, a quick look at the burn near the Scorybreck Monument failed to find an earlier record for E. pratense.


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