My Local Kelp Forest – Part 1

Inspired by Wednesday’s excursion, on Thursday at low water I wandered out the door onto the beach and down to the exposed kelp forest here on Raasay.

I found five different crabs and five different echinoderms. Here are the echinoderms:


Bloody Henry Starfish

Common Starfish

Common Starfish

Spiny Starfish

Spiny Starfish


Common Brittlestar

Edible Sea Urchin

Edible Sea Urchin


3 Responses to “My Local Kelp Forest – Part 1”

  1. Terry Swainbank Says:

    I can think of three crabs, what were your five?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Wait for the next post……..

  3. Stephen Says:

    Actually James M has recently found 12 different crabs on one shore….

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