BSBI Distributional Database – Update

The BSBI Distributional Database (DDb) continues to evolve and amaze. I can now see instantly what I have spent many happy hours constructing in the past e.g.

Tetrad NG24P
% land or freshwater in tetrad in vice-county 83
% sea in tetrad 17
% land in another vice-county 0
Majority of land area in vc? yes
At least 1km2 land in vc? yes
Species recorded per tetrad (all years) 257
% of total species recorded in tetrad, that have been recorded since 2000 86
Well recorded tetrad? (>=100 spp in all years AND >= 75% of species recorded since 2000). yes
Species not re-found since 2000 35
Species re-found since 2000 28
Newly found species since 2000 194
Recording days per tetrad since 2000 15

and yes, clicking on those blue links brings up exactly what you would expect (as long as you can log in to the DDb) – lists of taxa, and in the case of the tetrad, a map, a taxon list and a detailed list like the following extract:

Hypochaeris radicata (2010) 0 2
Inula helenium (1998) 4 0
Iris pseudacorus (2010) 0 2
Isolepis setacea (1998) 2 0
Juncus effusus (2010) 0 2
Juncus gerardii (2010) 0 2
Juncus squarrosus (2000) 0 1
Laburnum anagyroides (2010) 0 1
Lamium purpureum (2010) 2 1
Lapsana communis (2010) 0 1


italicised taxa, previously present in grid-square

bold taxa, present in grid-square, with recent records

(year) year of most recent record

<number of records 1900 – 1999> <number of recent (post-1999) records>

(I have chosen the year ranges.)


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