Dunvegan Castle opened its grounds for free today so that folks can see their snowdrops in flower – and see how the garden is shaping up before this year’s opening on 1st April. Complimentary tea and cakes too!  There is another opportunity next Wednesday (24th).


Bill & Deirdre and I went to inspect them and on the way paused at Gesto to see some flowering there. Later I checked Edinbane Cemetery and found a few there, too.


2 Responses to “Snowdrops”

  1. Jon Dunn Says:

    It’s sobering just how far behind you we are in Shetland – our snowdrops are only now breaking through the ground as short glaucous spikes. Winter still has a month at least to go here…

  2. Stephen Says:

    Golly! I was having a laugh about an article in a national newspaper on 3rd Feb about swathes of Lesser Celandine in flower – ours will be a while yet and it looks from the BSBI distribution map as though you don’t have very much of that at all.

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