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July-December Report

December 23, 2015

My report on plant recording in VC104 for July -December 2015 is now on the BSBI VC104 page. There will be no surprises for attentive readers of this blog.

The Skye Native Plant list has been updated and the associated commentary improved.

Skye’s Native Plants

December 15, 2015

Caroline asked me if there was a list of plants native to Skye. There wasn’t, so I have created one. It turns out to have just short of 600 species on it, but there are many issues that had to be addressed along the way and there is no simple answer to the question “which plants are native to Skye?”

However, my list is here with an evolving commentary on some of the issue I faced here.

Update on Flies and Fungi

December 15, 2015

I sent Murdo 37 flies captured between late July and early November, all but one from our house and garden on Raasay. Two were notable. Firstly, a House-fly (Musca domestica) collected on 6th September made me the fourth person to have found it in Scotland! This has been a quest for HBRG recently, see:

Summer challenge 2015
The House-fly Musca domestica

Secondly, a related fly Mydaea urbana is also uncommon in Scotland and my record from Raasay represents the farthest west so far in the Highlands.

Meanwhile, Dave is having second thoughts about the species of Scutellinia – the eyelash fungus from the Loch Duagrich area and may need a second specimen next year.

Also, the small black fungus on fennel that I thought might be Heterosphaeria patella may not be – perhaps a pyrenomycete.

Frances Priest Talking about “Patterns of Flora”

December 15, 2015

This video show Frances at a Talking Heads event organised by Creative Edinburgh: