November on Raasay

On Sunday Frances and I found a Red Admiral butterfly in the middle of the moor in perfect condition. Today the borage is covered in honey bees and bumblebees and there are bluebottles sunning themselves on the house in the sun.

The Impatiens is still flowering well

Impatiens in the Garden

Impatiens in the Garden

and we are still harvesting soft fruit:


Brambles & Raspberries

When I got home on Saturday evening after two weeks away there was an Angle Shades moth in the garage

Angle Shades in garage

Angle Shades in garage

and on the lawn there are these fungi that I have yet to try to identify but they look like a Coprinus, I think.



The old stems on the fennel have a small fungus which I suspect is Heterosphaeria patella which also grows on another umbelliferous plant, Angelica sylvestris. See post from 2013.


Heterosphaeria? (1)

Heterosphaeria 1

Heterosphaeria? (2)

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3 Responses to “November on Raasay”

  1. Terry Swainbank Says:

    Probably Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus comatus)

  2. Stephen Says:

    Thanks, Terry.

  3. Update on Flies and Fungi | Plants of Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles Says:

    […] the small black fungus on fennel that I thought might be Heterosphaeria patella may not be – perhaps a […]

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