Brome, Burdock & Mint

I went to Loch Eadar dà Bhaile this morning because I thought I might find some burdock there. I didn’t, but I did find Mentha x verticillata (Whorled Mint (M. aquatica x arvensis)) which is the first record for Raasay and only the second post-2000 record for the vice-county. It looks like a robust version of M. arvensis (Corn Mint)

Mentha x verticillata

Mentha x verticillata

Mentha x verticillata specimen

Mentha x verticillata specimen

but the calyx is longer with narrowly triangular to subulate teeth rather than short (up to 2.5mm) with triangular teeth no more than 0.5mm in the case of M. arvensis.

Mentha x verticillata calyx

Mentha x verticillata calyx

I continued to Glam in search of Burdock and there I found a couple of plants:

Arctium at Glam (1)

Arctium at Glam (1)

Arctium at Glam (2)

Arctium at Glam (2)

We shall see what Mike W makes of these. Unfortunately there were no basal leaves to check the hollowness or otherwise of the petiole. Later: Mike says this too is Arctium minus subsp. pubens.

Two grasses that have probably come from forage were looking remarkably good for October. Hordeum distichon (Barley) is unsurprising from such a source.

Triticum aestivum (Bread Wheat)

Hordeum distichon

but Anisantha diandra (Great Brome) was unexpected, and the first record for the vice-county.

Anisantha sterilis

Anisantha diandra

It may be well into October but at Loch Eadar dà Bhaile there were dragonflies flying – I spotted several Common Hawkers (Aeshna juncea) and one Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum).

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