Records from Various Folks

Deirdre & Bill have been to Loch Sleadale and re-found Elatine hexandra (Six-stamened Waterwort) and Subularia aquatica (Awlwort), the latter also being in Loch a’ Bhac-ghlais. This refreshes records from 1973 and 1989.

Elatine hexandra

Elatine hexandra  Photo D. Peppe. Cropped by SJB

In this image you can see the three-fold symmetry of the fruit which guarantees that it is this species of Elatine rather than E. hydropiper.

Tim has found Sparganium erectum (Branched Bur-reed) in the far end of Sleat, the only previous record for NG50 being from Loch a’Ghlinne in 1977 but with no tetrad specified.

Steve has found Rubus tricolor (Chinese Bramble) in the Armadale area which I have seen as part of amenity planting locally but not previously known as an escape in VC104.

Rubus tricolor

Rubus tricolor

In Waternish, John has had a first go at a corner of tetrad NG25Y, a tetrad with no previous records, and has found nearly 80 taxa so far.


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    […] tinctoria (Giant-rhubarb) – at least 200 plants. The Rubus tricolor is not far from where Steve found it eighteen months ago but it is definitely a second site. The Euphorbia griffithii was not previously known as an escape […]

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