Return to Loch Duagrich

Last Friday the Skye Botany Group went to Loch Duagrich. Today I visited the parts we didn’t get to then. I now have recent records for Elatine hexandra (Six-stamened Waterwort) and Subularia aquatica (Awlwort) for all four tetrads (and all four 10 km squares) into which the loch extends. Two of the Elatine records are new hectad (10 km square) records.

I have now seen Elatine in five 10 km squares (albeit four of them in the same loch) in five days. In all cases it has been with Subularia which, as Subularia is known in many more places than Elatine on Skye, suggests a strategy for finding more Elatine.

Some of the Subularia was above the water level:

Subularia on land

Subularia on land

The Allt Garbh, just before it enters Loch Duagrich has a botanically rich area with things like Rubus saxatlis (Stone Bramble):

Allt Garbh

Allt Garbh

I went up Braon a’ Mheallain in the faint hope of finding Sedum rosea (Roseroot), which has never been recorded in NG34, but without success. At 267 m this is almost the highest point in NG34 and there is not much by way of coastal cliffs either, so it may genuinely be absent.

A bonus was a good patch of Centunculus minimus (Chaffweed) by the road in NG34V – a new hectad record.

And here is an oddity. I took photos this caterpillar which looked brown with orange rings and white hairs along the base. But the images came out like this:

Blue fox moth larva

Blue moth larva

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