A Little Something More from the Weekend (2nd Version)

Nick tells me that he recorded 91 species of bryophyte from tetrad NG33Z, including ‘slender green feather moss’ Hamatocaulis vernicosus (Habitats Directive/Bern Convention/Schedule 8 species), and 88 from tetrad NG43E.

He was also heard on the day to remark that the Elatine really is very small – this from a bryologist!

Dave Genney has asked to be sent my specimen of Eyelash Fungus to check which species it actually is, so it went in the post this morning.

At Lochan na Saile, there were quite a few final instar larvae of the fox moth:

Fox Moth Caterpilar

Fox Moth Caterpillar

and quite a lot of Utricularia in flower, which despite the red colouration appears to be Utricularia minor (Lesser Bladderwort).

Utricularia flowers - 1

Utricularia flowers – 1

Utricularia flower -2

Utricularia flower – 2

Utricularia flower - 3

Utricularia flower – 3

On the way home I stopped to see how Steve’s Galium album (Hedge Bedstraw) was getting on, the answer being fine – with flowers and fruit.

Galium album

Galium album

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