Kidney Saxifrage at Gesto

Katherine told me that there is Saxifraga hirsuta (Kidney Saxifrage) at Gesto so yesterday I had a look.  There is quite a bit of it across the road from the boundary to the grounds of Gesto House from whence it no doubt originated.

The house, the central core of which may date from circa 1760, is derelict. The Macleods of Gesto settled here in 1425 -see here. It apparently had a fine garden in its heyday but there is no sign now, apart perhaps from some mature trees.

Saxifraga hirsuta at Gesto

Saxifraga hirsuta at Gesto

The only previous records for VC 104 are from Rum. Its presence in the mountains of Rum remains unexplained. It is native to Ireland but alien in Britain.


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