The 10 km square NG42 has rather a lot of poorly recorded tetrads so yesterday I had a canter round two of them – one in the north and one in the south of Glenbrittle.  The northerly one which I had expected to be on the dull side as much of it is given over to conifers turned out well with Salix phylicifolia (Tea-leaved Willow) in a gorge of the Allt a’ Mhaim and a large area of bog with Carex lasiocarpa (Slender Sedge), Carex limosa (Bog-sedge), flowering Utricularia minor (Lesser Bladderwort) and sundews.

Utricularia minor

Utricularia minor

There was a very end-of-season Large Heath clinging on to the vegetation:

Large Heath

Large Heath

I found many of the same bog plants in the southerly tetrad and also three species of Cotoneaster in the roadside gorge of the Allt a’ Choire Ghreadaidh: Cotoneaster bullatus (Hollyberry Cotoneaster), Cotoneaster simonsii (Himalayan Cotoneaster) and the locally rarer but perhaps under-recorded Cotoneaster dielsianus (Diels’ Cotoneaster).

This Straw Dot (Thanks, Keith) was new to me:

Straw Dot

Straw Dot

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