Preshal Beg

The Skye Botany Group excursion to Preshal Beg on one of the best days for weather this year added Dryopteris oreades (Mountain Male-fern) and Juncus x kern-reichgeltii (J. conglomeratus x effusus) to the list for the 10km square NG32 and re-found nine species not recorded in that hectad since before 2000:

Antennaria dioica (Mountain Everlasting)

Avenula pubescens (Downy Oat-grass)

Carex canescens (White Sedge)

Carex lasiocarpa (Slender Sedge)

Carex lepidocarpa (Long-stalked Yellow-sedge)

Dryopteris aemula (Hay-scented Buckler-fern)

Gentianella campestris (Field Gentian)

Juniperus communis subsp. nana (Dwarf Juniper)

Koeleria macrantha (Crested Hair-grass)

Despite being basalt, Preshal Beg itself was disappointing with nothing more exciting than Thalictrum alpinum (Alpine Meadow-rue)

Basalt Columns

Basalt Columns

but there was Subularia aquatica (Awlwort) in the nearby loch and we did well for insects in a year that has not been good for them so far.

Transparent Burnet

Transparent Burnet

On the way back to the car in NG33 we made the second recent record for Rubus laciniatus (Cut-leaved Bramble) – see here – not a new hectad record though, as Linda’s plants near Ullinish are also in NG33.

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