Steve’s July Records

Steve has sent me nearly 600 records from Skye in July. These include nine new 10 km square records:

Geranium endressii (French Crane’s-bill) NG72
Geranium sanguineum (Bloody Crane’s-bill) NG72
Ribes nigrum (Black Currant) NG52
Rosa mollis (Soft Downy-rose) NG60
Rosa rugosa (Japanese Rose) NG72
Sedum acre (Biting Stonecrop) NG72
Stellaria graminea (Lesser Stitchwort) NG60
Vicia sativa subsp. nigra (Narrow-leaved Vetch) NG61

and Hypericum tetrapterum (Square-stalked St John’s-wort) at Camus Croise last seen there by C W Murray  in 1970.

He also knocked off a few species not seen in 10 km squares since before 2000, like Linum catharticum (Fairy Flax) in NG72.

Keep going Steve!


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