Insects Like Warmth

Today it has actually felt warm and more insects are out. Last night was still wet and windy but I attracted three moths to my moth trap, one of which was very dark and I was not sure what it is but so far the consensus is Brown Rustic:

Today in the garden I found this hoverfly which is a bumble bee mimic:

Murdo tells me it is Merodon equestris, Greater Bulb Fly. My books call it Narcissus Fly or Large Narcissus Fly. It has now been released.

There was a greenbottle too, but I failed to capture it

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2 Responses to “Insects Like Warmth”

  1. Jean Sadler Says:

    High Steven

    Dark jobby might (??????) be Brown Rustic (generally pretty nondescript moth with some white dots along the costa). Try White Ermine for your Buff (too many dots and it is sort of white😉)


    Keith >

  2. Stephen Says:

    OK that’s two votes for Brown Rustic – Carl’s comment is under the image itself. White Ermine it is. Thanks, Keith.

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