Broadford Area

Today I visited Steve’s sites for Galium album and Paris quadrifolia.  There was more of the Galium than I had been expecting and it is looking in good health, though not yet flowering.

Galium album

Galium album

The Paris is one meter inside NG62H – the first record for this tetrad. I also found some in NG62G. Catriona Murray had recorded it from this tetrad in 1968, but not from the same site.

At Loch Cill Chriosd I was able to re-find Potamogeton coloratus (Fen Pondweed) known there since 1968 but last recorded in 1996. A conversation with one of the 1996 recorders Paul Smith when we were on North Uist made this much easier to find today – though I also found a second site in another part of the loch.

Potamogeton coloratus (1)

Potamogeton coloratus (1)

Potamogeton coloratus (2)

Potamogeton coloratus (2)

This is the most northerly site in the British Isles except for some in the Uists.

I also found Potamogeton x nitens (P. gramineus x perfoliatus) which was last recorded in Loch Cill Chriosd in 1989.

Potamogeton x nitens

Potamogeton x nitens              Note partially amplexicaul leaves that distinguish it from P. gramineus

There was more, but that is enough for now…….


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