Waternish and Beyond

John and I went to Waternish House and Farm today. Many thanks to Robert and Lucy for giving us access to their grounds and pond. There was a 1982 record of Butomus umbellatus (Flowering-rush) from the pond, but also a note on the record that the pond had been drained by July 1988 so I was not surprised when we failed to find it. However, the pond is now full of Elodea canadensis (Canadian Waterweed) a first for VC 104:

Elodea canadensis

Elodea canadensis

There was also some Ficaria verna subsp. verna (Lesser Celandine – the subspecies with bulbils) – as is typical – in a big house garden.

We also found several of these monstrous bluebells, perhaps an effect induced by a herbicide?

Hyacinthoides monstrous

Monstrous Bluebells

One objective was a sample from the Gunnera tinctoria (Giant-rhubarb) on the shore.

Gunnera Waternish


Later I went on to Dunvegan for another Gunnera sample and up to Husabost to record in NG25B, a part-tetrad with no records post-1999.


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