The World’s Smallest Grass

Mibora minima (Early Sand-grass) is reputedly the world’s smallest grass and until last Friday the only site in Scotland was in East Lothian. It is Nationally Rare and a remarkable addition to the Outer Hebridean flora. Today we went and counted it – finding over a thousand specimens within a single 1 km square in the dunes.

Mibora minima

Mibora minima

and yes, that is a 5p piece……

Better picture of the grass itself:

MIbora minima    Photo: Paul Smith

Mibora minima on North Uist                                  Photo: Paul Smith


One Response to “The World’s Smallest Grass”

  1. croftgarden Says:

    vascular plants are probably one of the best recorded taxa in the islands and there is still plenty to discover – both common, rare and unusual species. We always appreciate the efforts of visitors in helping with our biological recording.
    If anyone is visiting the islands and is doing any recording we’d really appreciate a copy of your records, so please contact Outer Hebrides Biological Recording.

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