First Report from North Uist

The weather is pretty dreich today but yesterday evening we had this fine Puss Moth on Salix repens (Creeping Willow):

Puss Moth

Puss Moth

I notice that the NBN has no post-1999 records for this in VC104 – but maybe folks know better……


9 Responses to “First Report from North Uist”

  1. Terry Swainbank Says:

    We also had a single puss moth in the trap last night before the rain came. Looks like NBN records are not up to date as I have had them before as no doubt have others. A cheerful sight amongst the unending red chestnuts.

  2. Keith Sadler Says:

    Hi Stephen

    The NBN network site seems rather slow to be updated – the East-Scotland Butterflies site seems to do a better job of updating its maps. shows my recent records for Puss Moth (with 3 more so far this year). Odd that it is so widespread on Uist though.


    Keith >

  3. Terry Swainbank Says:

    Sorry, I carelessly missed the point that you are on North Uist rather than at home on Raasay!

  4. Stephen Says:

    The NBN maps and the Moths Count maps are pretty different for all species I have checked – different in both directions.

  5. croftgarden Says:

    Outer Hebrides Biological Recording records on NBN are up-to-date for Lepidoptera and all other species (excluding vascular plants which go direct to BSBI). Butterfly Conservation appear to have a strange policy when it comes to putting records on NBN.
    If you’re on North Uist I hope that you will send your records to OHBR ( This including vascular plants – unless you’re with Paul Smith’s BSBI trip.

  6. Stephen Says:

    I am with Paul. Do not fret, all records will be catered for as usual.

  7. Rosemary Bungard Says:

    Dreich -not dreech!

  8. croftgarden Says:

    Thank you – just chasing around to make sure all our visitors know we exist. We’re very thin on the ground and need all the help we can get, so your efforts are really appreciated.

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