Anemone Cups

John sent me a picture of Anemone Cups (Sclerotinia tuberosa or Dumontinia tuberosa) which grows in association with wood anemone as something that could be looked out for on Skye.

Anemone Cups

Anemone Cups  (Bottom right)                                                                                                             Photo: J Hawell

He says that it can easily be overlooked but if one is alert to the possibility of finding it, one might just be lucky. It seems to weaken the anemone where it is growing thus, in his experience, the fungi appear to grow at the edges / around the anemone, not hidden under the leaves of the anemone.

On the NBN Gateway the nearest record is from 1987 near Tobermory on Mull in NM45, which is not very far away. NBN maps of fungi are not very up to date, so I also checked The Fungal Records Database of Britain & Ireland and that does not list it for VC 104 either. However, it does also list three older unlocalised records for Mull. All four Mull records are from March or April so now is the time to look!


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