Creag Orril, Carn Uruga, etc.

Just south of Duntulm there is what was a very poorly explored tetrad so yesterday I had a go. I started by looking for Ammophila arenaria (Marram) along the next stretch of shore to the northeast of last week’s section – with the same result. There was Tussilago farfara (Colt’s-foot) in flower at the mouth of a burn:

Tussilago farfara

Tussilago farfara

This was the first Drinker caterpillar of the year for me:

Drinker larva

Drinker larva

There is a lovely bit of wet birch woodland near Carn Uruga with lots of Hymenophyllum wilsonii (Wilson’s Filmy-fern) which was one of my targets for the day as it had not been recorded in the 10 km square NG47 since 1973.

IMG_4388aand one old Downy Birch was supporting a mighty Honeysuckle:

IMG_4391aThe cliffs of Creag Orril had Silene acaulis (Moss Campion) and look as though there could be other interesting plants to be seen later in the season.

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