Caterpillar – Modified Post

I harvested a cabbage from the garden just now and this was in it:


Angle Shades

After weeks of storms including winds >100mph recorded on Raasay at sea level – and now frost at night, it almost deserves some of my cabbage.

Steve points out that it is an Angle Shades larva – see post. Many thanks to him.


4 Responses to “Caterpillar – Modified Post”

  1. Steve Terry Says:

    Could be Angle Shades.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Ah yes – I certainly get them in the garden….. Thanks.

  3. Ro Scott Says:

    Shows your cabbages are fit to eat…

  4. Stephen Says:

    Just about. Pretty much at the end now. I wonder if it was just there for shelter? Plenty of Stellaria media (a known food plant) in the bed for it to eat…..

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