Common as Muck (and Rum, Eigg, Skye…..)

As I may have mentioned before, there are officially 709 tetrads in VC104. For 42 of these there are no vascular plant records. Ten of these definitely or probably contain no vascular plants being almost entirely below the high water mark, and a further nine have <2% land, in some cases much less than 2%.  However, there are nine tetrads that are 100% land (or fresh water) with no records, and five more that are 20-80% land.

The following table shows the top twenty commonest plants in VC104 in terms of the number of tetrads in which they have been recorded. As it happens, there are at this moment twenty plants that have been recorded in 500 or more tetrads.

Taxon Vernacular Number of


Succisa pratensis Devil’s-bit Scabious 570
Calluna vulgaris Heather 562
Viola riviniana Common Dog-violet 557
Potentilla erecta Tormentil 550
Juncus effusus Soft-rush 549
Anthoxanthum odoratum Sweet Vernal-grass 545
Blechnum spicant Hard-fern 543
Plantago lanceolata Ribwort Plantain 538
Prunella vulgaris Selfheal 533
Eriophorum angustifolium Common Cottongrass 528
Erica cinerea Bell Heather 523
Trifolium repens White Clover 520
Ranunculus acris Meadow Buttercup 517
Hypericum pulchrum Slender St John’s-wort 508
Lotus corniculatus Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil 508
Primula vulgaris Primrose 504
Thymus polytrichus Wild Thyme 502
Holcus lanatus Yorkshire-fog 502
Carex panicea Carnation Sedge 502
Carex nigra Common Sedge 502


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