Great Tussocks and New Centaury

As well as my own activities, Deirdre directed me to a new site for Carex paniculata (Greater Tussock-sedge) in an otherwise unexciting area of moor – a strong healthy group of large tussocks, better than anywhere else currently known on Skye.

Morag has found Centaurium erythraea (Common Centaury) by the Varragill River south of Portree – a long way from any previously known site.

Marion added a new site for Lycopus europaeus (Gypsywort) near Greep.

Steve has sent in his September records including a new place for Agrimonia procera (Frgrant Agrimony) at Elgol:

Agrimonia procera + grasshopper Photo S. Terry

Agrimonia procera + froghopper           Photo S. Terry

Other notable finds include records for Drosera x obovata (Obovate Sundew (D. rotundifolia x anglica)), Lycopus europaeus (Gypsywort), Myosotis scorpioides (Water Forget-me-not) – a plant much over-recorded in the past, Sparganium erectum (Branched Bur-reed) – a plant much under-recorded until recently, and Utricularia intermedia sens. lat. (Intermediate Bladderwort).

The froghopper has been identified by Stephen M. as Philaenus spumarius, the bug whose nymphs produce cuckoo-spit.

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    […] of Carex paniculata (Great Tussock-sedge). Deirdre pointed me towards this population and one miserable October morning I went and had a look.  Today I spent more time on the matter and found that the population extends […]

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