Agrimony Tour

Yesterday I visited the three remaining sites where I had recorded Agrimonia eupatoria (Agrimony) rather than Agrimonia procera (Fragrant Agrimony) and found only the latter. My records for the former will be removed and in the next edition of the Rare Plants Register I shall move A. eupatoria to the appendix listing excluded species as I do not think we have that species here.  Most of the older records are from one recorder and in some of those sites, where they are sufficiently localised to tell,  A. procera is present.

In the process I spotted a new site for Leymus arenarius (Lyme-grass) at Uig. Readers with a long memory may recall that about a year ago, e.g. here, I  was delighted to find this in a couple of places on Skye, the first Skye records for quite a long time.  This patch was only a few tens of metres from where I parked the car and must have been there last year when I parked in the same place – but I didn’t spot it.

Leymus arenarius at Uig

Leymus arenarius at Uig


2 Responses to “Agrimony Tour”

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    […] (Fragrant Agrimony). This confirmed my view that the Skye plants are the latter – see e.g. this previous post. To be even more certain, I have today sent a specimen to Douglas McKean at […]

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