Bearraraig River and Bay

Yesterday, I tried to find two 1980s Skye records for Equisetum variegatum (Variegated Horsetail) and failed. However, one site was being seriously sprayed by water blown from the Bearraraig waterfall which was in a full spate, and I couldn’t really see what I was doing – as soon as I cleaned my glasses they were covered in water again. Worth another try when the water is down and/or the wind is blowing from the north.

Bearraraig Waterfall - Spray

Bearraraig Waterfall – Spray

The pleasure of Bearraraig Waterfall is that one easily can walk behind itIMG_4181a

From behind the curtain

From behind the curtain

and there is a fine horizontal row of boulders exposed in the eroding sandstone:IMG_4184a

I obtained a couple of specimens of Agrimonia that I am virtually certain are A. procera but have sent them to Mike to double-check.

There was still the occasional Dryas octopetala (Mountain Avens) flower out which was a pleasant bonus at the end of September.

Dryas octopetala in flower

Dryas octopetala in flower


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