The Quirang

Today was mostly a day of monitoring Dry Heaths as part of the Site Condition Monitoring of the Trotternish Ridge SSSI. I passed the spring, Tobar nan Slàinte

Tobar nan Slàinte

Tobar nan Slainte

and Dun Mòr

Dun Mòr

Dun Mòr

The latter looks worth a trip up some time, the former not worth a trip down (into).

I found two populations of Sagina saginoides (Alpine Pearlwort), one previously known, one not, which is good for Site Condition Monitoring purposes.

Sagina saginoides

Sagina saginoides

and nearby there was a good patch of Saussurea alpina (Alpine Saw-wort):

Saussurea alpina

Saussurea alpina

This plant has been recorded on the Quirang from 1868 to 1973, the latter occasion probably being from the same site as today – though no grid reference is available for that record.


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