Portree Weed, Rum and Soay Moths

Gwyn reports Linaria vulgaris (Common Toadflax) from a garden in Portree. Long-term readers of this blog will recall that it appeared in my garden a couple of years ago. It is still here.

Sean reports that the Calystegia soldanella (Sea Bindweed) is still in the Kilmory dunes on Rum:

Calystegia soldanella

Calystegia soldanella      Photo: S.. Morris

as is Centaurium erythraea (Common Centaury).

Bill tells me that he had Clouded Buff and Brown China-mark moths on Soay when we went on the SWT excursion last week. The latter has no records for Skye on the NBN Gateway – but does have pre-2000 records for Rum.

Brown China-mark

Brown China-mark       Photo: Bill Johncocks

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