Plant Catch-up Time

Steve sent me nearly 1400 records for Skye in June including some nice things like Botrychium lunaria (Moonwort), Dactylorhiza incarnata subsp. coccinea (Early Marsh-orchid), Dactylorhiza x formosa (D. maculata x purpurella), Epipactis atrorubens (Dark-red Helleborine), Neottia ovata (Common Twayblade), Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern), Persicaria vivipara (Alpine Bistort), Pseudorchis albida (Small-white Orchid), and Stellaria graminea (Lesser Stitchwort). He also had some garden escapes like Lilium pyrenaicum (Pyrenean Lily) and for a first VC104 record, Sempervivum tectorum (House-leek).

Morag reports a good population of Pinguicula lusitanica (Pale Butterwort) at Camas Malag and Marie and Marjorie went to check the Coeloglossum viride (Frog Orchid) at the Coral Beach:

Coeloglossum viride

Coeloglossum viride

Tony has had a look at some ferns of the Dryopteris affinis complex on Skye and Raasay and identified several to subspecies level e.g. Dryopteris cambrensis subsp. pseudocomplexa and Dryopteris cambrensis subsp. cambrensis. All help welcome in this area!

George Ballantyne has confirmed that a bramble I saw in a couple of places on Skye last week is Rubus latifolius infected by the smut Hapalospheria deformans:

Rubus latifolius infected by Hapalospheria deformans

Rubus latifolius infected by Hapalospheria deformans

Last week’s activities added quite a few new 10 km square records such as:

NG41 (Soay): Juncus bufonius (Toad Rush), Carex x fulva (“Empty Sedge”), Juncus ranarius (Frog Rush) and I found that Charles Sinker had recorded Vulpia bromoides (Squirreltail Fescue) on Soay but with no further localisation – so now we have a precise record.

NG24 (Skye): Carex oederi (Small-fruited Yellow-sedge) and Sparganium erectum (Branched Bur-reed). Cakile maritima (Sea Rocket) was the second record for NG24 but only the fourth site for Skye. There was only one plant.

NG47 (Skye): Phleum pratense (Timothy) and Cryptogramma crispa (Parsley Fern).

NG36 (Skye): Cortaderia richardii (Early Pampas-grass), unfortunately.

NG53 & New to Raasay: Cotoneaster bullatus (Hollyberry Cotoneaster).


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