Leac nan Fionn

Our trip to Fladaigh Chuain today was postponed owing to high winds.  Lynne, Ro and I inspected the Orobanche alba (Thyme Broomrape) by the Uig Z-bend and counted nearly 60, before heading to Leac nan Fionn to try to re-find Dryas octopetala (Mountain Avens) previously recorded in 1968 and 1992. We first found a patch some distance from the previous grid reference but still within the same 1 km square. However, later we found about 100 plants close to the old grid ref:

Dryas in NG47

Dryas in NG47

Other useful records were made for Arabidopsis petraea (Northern Rock-cress), Draba incana (Hoary Whitlowgrass), Gentianella campestris (Field Gentian) and Persicaria vivipara (Alpine Bistort).

On the way south we stopped by the Equisetum x font-queri (Font-Quer’s Horsetail):

Equisetum x font-queri

Equisetum x font-queri

With luck, the boat trip will happen next week…..


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