Re: Storr

A day around the Storr was profitable today. Last year I found Cerastium nigrescens (Arctic Mouse-ear) – previously C. arcticum – on the Storr. This year I went earlier in the hope of seeing it in flower:

Cerastium nigrescens

Cerastium nigrescens

I also re-found a known site for Equisetum pratense (Shady Horsetail) and pleasingly this had a couple of fertile fronds as well as many sterile fronds:

Equisetum pratense

Equisetum pratense

The green arrow shows a fertile frond, the red arrow a sterile one.

There were all the Storr specialities such as Draba incana (Hoary Whitlowgrass):

Draba incana

Draba incana

and Saxifraga nivalis (Alpine Saxifrage):

Saxifraga nivalis

Saxifraga nivalis

I also spotted a single Coeloglossum viride (Frog Orchid) which turns out to be the first record for the 10km square NG45.



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