Other News

Alan has been to see Dactylorhiza traunsteinerioides subsp francis-drucei (Narrow-leaved Marsh-orchid), previously D. lapponica (Lapland Marsh-orchid), at Kylerhea in the south and Kilbride Point  in the north. Both populations are doing well.

Jean and particularly Keith have continued to be active in finding Lepidium heterophyllum (Smith’s Pepperwort) with two new tetrads added in the Eynort area.

Sean has found Orchis mascula (Early-purple Orchid) and, especially pleasingly, Pseudorchis albida (Small-white Orchid) on Sgaorishal, Rum.

Pseudorchis on Rum

Pseudorchis on Rum      Photo: S. Morris

Keith tells me that a micro-moth that was in my trap a few days ago may be Ancylis uncella, in which case it would be new to VC104.

Ancylis uncella?

Ancylis uncella?         Photo K. Sadler

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