Allt Duisdale

Today’s SWT Skye Members’ Centre walk was a rather wet affair but a good time was had by the eight who stayed the course. The weather was not suitable for photography, or indeed for much recording on paper. but several additions were made to the well-recorded tetrad NG61W in which we spent most of our time, including Dryopteris aemula (Hay-scented Buckler-fern), Huperzia selago (Fir Clubmoss), Luzula pilosa (Hairy Wood-rush) and Melampyrum pratense (Common Cow-wheat). There was white-flowered Pedicularis sylvatica subsp. hibernica (Lousewort) and also Hymenophyllum wilsonii (Wilson’s Filmy-fern). There is an earlier record for this, but the site is given as “Allt Bealach nan Cas NG6812”. Allt Bealach nan Cas is not in NG6812 (part of NG61W) but rather in NG6711 (NG61Q) and NG6811 (NG61V) so either the wrong Allt is given, or the wrong grid reference.

It was a good social event and I have been promised a trip to the Paris quadrifolia (Herb-Paris) near Tokavaig with someone who knows where it is – the last record I have from that site is 1969.


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