Lyndale is another of the four known Skye sites for Ficaria verna subsp. verna – Lesser Celandine with “bulbils”.  Yesterday I went back and looked for it with Marcus and there it was, flourishing near his compost heap in the walled garden.  I hadn’t intentionally chosen the date but I noticed on the way that the previous record had been made exactly 36 years previously on 6 May 1978, by Catriona Murray who sadly passed away ten days ago. She was my predecessor as vice-county recorder and did the job for 40 years, the last few of which we did jointly.

I also wanted to check the Polygonatum (Solomon’s-seal) that had been recorded by Catriona that same day as P. multiflorum and repeated by me on a previous visit to Lyndale.  As I expected, it turns out to be the hybrid, Polygonatum x hybridum (Garden Solomon’s-seal) with much larger flowers than P. multiflorum.  I recently found this as a garden throw-out in Sleat and I would be very surprised if any of the Solomon’s-seal records locally are anything other than this hybrid.


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