Balachuirn Moths

I arranged to set up my moth trap at Balachuirn, Raasay as this is in the 10km square NG54 which Brian had brought my attention as only having eight species recorded in it – ever!

The night turned windy which may have restricted my catch as there were only eight moths of six species in the trap in the morning:

  • Common Quaker (3)
  • Powdered Quaker
  • Hebrew Character
  • Red-green Carpet
  • Grey Pine Carpet
  • Brown Silver-line

Two of these I have not had in my trap at home:

Red-green Carpet

Red-green Carpet

Brown Silver-line

Brown Silver-line

though I have found caterpillars of Brown Silver-line around Skye in recent years.  Thanks to Val for use of her garden and electricity!


2 Responses to “Balachuirn Moths”

  1. Jean Sadler Says:

    Hi Stephen We are getting Brown Silver- line here, pwe got 15 the other night. Moths seem to come in singles or in big numbers here. Maybe the windy conditions are a factor. Jean

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  2. Stephen Says:

    I never seem to get huge numbers at home – perhaps because I am right by the sea or perhaps because of the type of trap I use

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