Moths, Diving Beetle, Cuckoos, Corsican Mint

The cuckoos arrived on Raasay at the weekend. Spring is sprung.

A moth trap I put out ten days ago caught 28 moths of which 13 were Hebrew Characters.  Two were Powdered Quakers, the first time I have recorded this species:

Powdered Quaker

Powdered Quaker

Martin sent me an image of a beetle he saw flying in Glen Brittle. It is clearly one of the diving beetles, genus Dytiscus.  It will be either D. marginalis or D. lapponicus but Murdo tells me that but these need close scrutiny to separate. I have sent the image to Richard Moore but suspect he may not be able to make this distinction from an image, either. Later: The consensus, including Richard, is that this is probably, but not certainly, D. marginalis.

Dytiscus     Photo: M. Izzard

Dytiscus sp.                Photo: M. Izzard

I have discovered the origin of the Mentha requienii (Corsican Mint) found on Raasay last year     It used to be grown in the garden of No.  4 Balachuirn, about 500m from its main site now.

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One Response to “Moths, Diving Beetle, Cuckoos, Corsican Mint”

  1. Raasay House (@RaasayHouse) Says:

    I can hear the Cuckoos all the time. I think they must be in near the old mill but I’ve yet to catch a glimpse. I’m keeping my camera handy just in case 🙂 Carol (@Raasay House)

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