10,000 Records…..

Jim Bevan has sent me his database containing over 10,000 records, nearly all from the Small Isles and before the year 2000. Nearly 6000 of these are records he was involved with during the 1990s, either alone or more commonly with others.  What makes them so valuable is that  they are mostly at tetrad or better resolution – making a huge difference to the appearance of the history of recording in the Small Isles as shown below for Potentilla erecta (Tormentil).

Potere Bevan

Records ex-Bevan

Potere not bevan

Records pre-Bevan

When I combine the two sets of data there will be a lot of red dots behind the black ones.

Many of the remaining records in the database are from other published or unpublished sources and in many cases I already have them in some form.  However, I am importing nearly all of them as in many cases there is more detail than I previously possessed. For example, a number of records I received from the BSBI Distributional Database for Hyskeir were anonymous and with a wide date range of 1987 to 1999. I now know them to have been made by D. Miller on 7/6/1992 and 30/4/1993.

Jim’s database contains records for 136 taxa that are included in the Rare Plants Register. In general these records are not going to significantly affect the distribution of plants recorded in the RPR, but it is now going to be much bigger task to update it than I had been planning.  This may wait for next winter now.


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