Missing tetrads

This is how tetrad records look at 16 November 2013. White squares represent tetrads with no records. A few don’t show up as they are mostly in the sea. I think there are 49 tetrads with no records ever, though I need to check through these carefully as I think at least one has no land above the high water line.  These are all on Skye rather than the other islands that make up VC 104. There are a disturbingly large number (56) in that light green colour keyed as “100” (which should be ≤100) that actually only have 1-10 taxa (and 20 with 11-20 taxa, etc.)

Tetrads: taxa counts

Tetrads: Taxa Count (All time)

The following map is what the picture looks like if one looks at records from 2000-2013. Clearly there are quite a few more tetrads (actually 66) that have not been visited since before 2000.

Tetrads: Taxa count 2000-13

Tetrads: Taxa Count 2000-13

Still, there are six years’ recording left before the end of the current date class, data from which will be used for the next major atlas project……


3 Responses to “Missing tetrads”

  1. Terry Swainbank Says:


    Do you have the survey record sheet in Excel (or word)? I want to list all the plants I have found on my croft and if such a document exists it will save me some time. I don’t think there is anything unusual on the croft to add to what looks like 200 records for the tetrad in which most of it is situated. But I will check. A small complication is the exact position of the tetrad boundaries.


  2. Stephen Says:

    You can have it in any format you like (within reason!).

  3. Updates | Plants of Skye, Raasay & The Small Isles Says:

    […] have had a closer look at tetrads with no records and found that rather than 49 tetrad with no records in VC104, there are in fact 36.  One of teh […]

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