More Records

I have not been out in the field myself recently what with being away, the weather and a persistent virus.  However, Adele has sent me her 2013 records which have filled in some gaps and with her addition of Gymnocarpium dryopteris (Oak Fern) to the Sabhal Mòr tetrad she has inspired me to add that species to the distribution maps on my website – here.

Also, I have received from Chris Metherell a first list of eleven herbarium species from VC104 that he has found whilst cataloguing specimens recently transferred to the Hancock Museum in Newcastle. They date from the 1930s and, as seems to be the norm for such things, raise various questions.

  • Is the Raasay specimen of Stellaria pallida (Lesser Chickweed) recorded then as Stellaria apetala really that species? There is no other record from the vice-county.
  • Is the Raasay specimen of Lycopodium annotinum (Interrupted Clubmoss) actually from Raasay or in fact from neighbouring Scalpay where it is present in good numbers? There is no record for Raasay.
  • Is the Raasay specimen of Circaea alpina (Alpine Enchanter’s-nightshade) really that or the locally common Circaea x intermedia (C. alpina x lutetiana)?  There is no reliable record of C. alpina from the vice-county.

The good news is that two of these three questions should be resolved by inspection of the specimens.

Postings to this blog are likely to be infrequent until the Spring.


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