Moths and Tar Spot

Keith tells me this 1 cm long micro-moth from the outside wall of our house is a Tortrix of the genus Acleris probably A. laterana but perhaps A. comariana:

 Acleris sp.

Acleris sp.

Last night’s moth trap caught only two, Angle Shades and another to be confirmed:

Angle Shades

Angle Shades


Brick? Yellow-line Quaker?

Meanwhile, Nick reports Tar Spot fungus from Sycamore in Broadford. I felt sure it was more widespread than records suggest. The leaves are beginning to fall so the Tar Spot season is coming to an end…

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2 Responses to “Moths and Tar Spot”

  1. Terry Swainbank Says:

    I had two of your micromoths in our trap on Monday night, so your id has just saved me an effort in getting the book out etc, and spending ages matching picture to picture. Don’t think your undecided is a Yellow-line Quaker. I have had quite a few recently and the markings are more distinct; Brick seems a possibility, though I have not had any.


  2. Stephen Says:

    Brick is the consensus. Thanks Terry.

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