Help!- sorted


Carl has sorted me out: It is Mentha requienii (Corsican Mint). Just as I had sorted out an image of the flower, too:


This is an introduction/garden escape but I suspect it is a very long way from Balachuirn, where this is growing, to the nearest garden with it in.  It is also a considerable extension to its range, the farthest accepted record up the west coast is the Loch Glashan area of Argyllshire where Carl found it in 2009 and there is a slightly more northerly record from near Arbroath in 1984.

Does anybody know what this is, please?  The leaves are up to 3 mm, the flowers about 1.5 mm across with 4 petals and, I think, 4 stamens.  It is rooting at the nodes and growing on dry ground. It has (relatively) long white hairs on the upper leaf surface and lots of hairs on the sepals.

(You can click on the images to get a better view.)





Thanks for any help you can give….  One thing is for sure, it is new to Raasay!


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