Catch-up (1) Plants & Fungi

I have been busy with family recently but others have carried on the good work….

A SWT trip to Sgurr a’ Bhagh led by James found Lemna minor (Common Duckweed) in a small burn, the precise grid reference being a considerable improvement over the 1975 record of “Loch Bay NG25”.  Polypodium interjectum (Intermediate Polypody) was recorded which is uncommon (and probably under-recorded) and John Hawell found ergot (Claviceps purpurea) on Festuca vivipara (Viviparous Fescue) which is interesting from two points of view:  this is probably only the second record for VC104, the first being mine a couple of years ago  on Nardus stricta (Mat-grass) and secondly that it was on a viviparous rather than a seed-bearing grass.

Polypodium interjectum Photo: Bill Johncocks

Polypodium interjectum        Photo: Bill Johncocks

In a blast from the past Jessie Wormell has come across details of a forty year old Silene latifolia (White Campion) record on Rum that the authors of “The Flora of Rum” didn’t manage to trace. She found it in Peter Wormell’s monthly moth report for October 1972 as “Single plant in clearing behind Kinloch Castle”.

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