Dragons, Sedges and a Sika Deer on Raasay

SWT’s Dragonfly Walk on Tuesday took place in Waternish and even though the weather was not good for flying dragons, we did see flying Common Blue Damselflies and by guddling in lochs and pools the larvae of three other species – Common Hawker, Four-spotted Chaser and Large Red Damselfly.  Thanks Babs for taking the time to lead it.  And I made some plant and slug records!

Arion ater

Arion ater: The Great Black Slug

I ran Sedge Day on Raasay on Wednesday which seemed to go well with 10 attendees plus myself.

Sedge Day

Sedge Day

Some folks left with an awareness of sedges that they didn’t have before and some left feeling able to identify all the common sedges on Skye & Raasay:

Sedges to Identify

Sedges to Identify

A key I had created worked better in the field than in the room because colours e.g. blue-green versus green were less apparent indoors.  In general the colour issue was a bit of a problem but nonetheless with a bit of help most folks were able to identify the 14 true sedges in front of them.

While we were  out in the field near Eyre Judith is sure that she saw a Sika Deer. Another new mammal record for Raasay!  By the time I saw it, it was too far away for me to be sure. It is known on Skye towards the Bridge.

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