Fionn Choire & Sgùrr a Bhasteir

Bill, Deirdre and I spent a good day in Fionn Choire on Wednesday – and as we climbed up the side of Sgùrr a Bhasteir we couldn’t resist going to the top, at 898m just 54 ft short of a Munro (wonderful mixed units!).

The end of the ridge - Sgurr a Bhasteir

The end of the ridge – Sgurr a Bhasteir

We were above the snow in places:

Pinnacle Ridge

Pinnacle Ridge

The species list gets rather short up there but we spotted some nice things such as Arabidopsis petraea (Northern Rock-cress) and Luzula spicata (Spiked Wood-rush).  The cold Spring may have delayed some things and we didn’t re-find Saxifraga nivalis (Alpine Saxifrage) or Juncus triglumis (Three-flowered Rush). However the bryophytes were looking good:

High Mountain Spring

High Mountain Spring

Just below this spring there was a Cochlearia which under the current state of Cochlearia taxonomy I am calling C. pyrenaica subsp. alpina.

This fly came to visit us for lunch and didn’t want to leave:

Rhagio scolopaceus -Downlooker Snipefly

Rhagio scolopaceus -Downlooker Snipefly

Thanks to Murdo for i.d.

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