Erica tetralix f. fissa?

Steve Terry found this odd Erica tetralix (Cross-leaved Heath) on Skye recently:

Erica tetralix f. fissa?

Erica tetralix f. fissa?

Carl Farmer kindly tried to find out about it and came up with

E. tetralix f. fissa : corolla not urn-shaped but irregularly split into segments”  at

There is no picture, unfortunately. I have e-mailed the Heather Society to see if they can help but “The administrator is on holiday until 30 June and unable to respond to emails”, so I shall have to be patient.

LATER: Charles Nelson (BSBI Erica referee) says:  “Yes, that is certainly within the concept of f. fissa. It may well be mite-induced. Perhaps also of interest is the evidence that the stem apex continued to grow. Usually an inflorescence is the terminal point on a flowering stem. The foliage also seems to be almost eglandular, although the calyx segments certainly have gland-tipped cilia, and, it is perhaps also not a normal 4-leaves per whorl plant.”


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