River Haultin, Lòn Mòr, River Romesdal – more thoughts

Having put the records into the database I see that tetrad species numbers are NG45K 139 (previously 5), NG45L 143 (previously 0) and NG45M 103  (previously 0).  The last total is lower because I was running out of time and energy and didn’t visit the higher ground. All in all, a useful contribution to the war effort. Had I stayed in one tetrad I would probably only have achieved half the number of records. It is still early in the year and I passed through ground that in a month will probably be filled with orchids.

This trip saw my first records this year for Drosera (Sundews), though Steve Terry beat me to this by a few days, Carex dioica (Dioecious Sedge) and Carex pilulifera (Pill Sedge) as things are finally getting big enough to recognise.

The Wych Elms (Ulmus glabra) were nice:

Elm by waterfall

Elm by waterfall

Elm in gorge

Elm in gorge

and I made the first record in the ten-kilometre square (NG45) for Chamerion angustifolium (Rosebay Willowherb)!

Finally, Beinn Chaercaill looking fine (Ben Dearg behind):

Beinn Chaercaill

Beinn Chaercaill


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