Score Horain, Stac a’ Bhothain & Oans

Yesterday, I went to the Waternish peninsula of Skye parking at Gillen and walking along the cliffs of Score Horain and back along the shore via Stac a’ Bothain and Oans.  I failed to find one area that should have had Alchemilla alpina (Alpine Lady’s-mantle) and Saxifraga oppositifolia (Purple Saxifrage) but there was lots of cliff I didn’t get to in the seven hours spent in the tetrad.

Stac a' Bhotain.

Stac a’ Bhotain

There were plenty of nice things, however.  My first flowering orchids of the year:

Orchisi mascula

Orchis mascula

Bobloschoenus maritimus (Sea Club-rush) and Carex otrubae (False Fox-sedge) on the shore, Silene acaulis (Moss Campion) and Dwarf Juniper (Juniperus communis ssp. nana) on the cliffs.

I heard my first cuckoo of the year, later than the past two years and spotted this fine larva of the Garden Tiger Moth:

Garden Tiger

Garden Tiger

This Red-breasted Carrion-beetle (Oiceoptoma thoracicum) was feasting on frog-spawn, rather oddly located on a dryish bank some way from water:

Oiceoptoma thoracicum

Oiceoptoma thoracicum

Oh yes…..  the ticks have emerged….

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