Witches-broom on Scots Pine, Ice and Ferns

The Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern) on a sea-cliff near Holoman on Raasay is thriving, though not looking at its best at this time of year:

Osmunda regalis

Osmunda regalis

It was a bit icy in places though we have had no snow and the car registered 5 C at 11 am.

Iced grass

Iced grass

Duck-billed Playmoss

Duck-billed Platymoss

At Brae, Raasay, the Scots Pine had no mite-induced galls but one tree had what appears to be a witches’-broom, which I believe to be very unusual on this species:

Witches'-broom on Scots Pine

Witches’-broom on Scots Pine

The Bridge at Brae

The Bridge at Brae

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