The Forest

The possibility of a community buyout of  the forest plantations on Raasay is in the air and folks were over today to talk about it. I am trying to keep my involvement to a minimum as I am, as ever, busy with other things. After a chat about rampant Sitka spruce, restocking policy etc., I went for a wander in the forestry, principally to check whether there is any Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas Fir) still there after the major felling operations of recent years.  There is:

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir cones

Douglas Fir cones

I also checked up on some larch trees and found Larix kaempferi (Japanese Larch) and Larix x marschlinsii (Hybrid or Dunkeld Larch). I was uncertain of these in earlier days and the Raasay records probably need revising. Many larches have been felled but there are still many left.

The clearance has revealed Dun Borodale broch which had been hidden by trees for decades:

Dun Borodale

Dun Borodale

and nearby a Great Spotted Woodpecker was busy hammering a tree. I have only heard woodpeckers on Raasay once for about a week quite a few years ago – they are not common in this part of the world.  Record sent to Skye Birds.

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